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Thanks for all your help and advice with supplying eco slates for the forest cabin we built for the forestry commission. We found the product very good for our purpose. They were easy to install and looked good. It was difficult to tell them apart from the real thing ( except to the trained roofers eye ). They certainly survived the journey to Lock Morlich (250miles) on a low loader without any problem. The client ( forestry commission) was very pleased with the look of the roof and the quality of the product.

Best Wishes Mick Hoffe

Really friendly staff who deliver exactly when and what they say. Our builder was delighted with the athyecoslate as it proved so easy and quick to fit and handle. There was no waste as all the cut offs were bought back for recycling. Best feature of all is the end result, a great looking roof. Thoroughly great product which I would recommend to anyone.


Mark Carswell

Just a quick word of thanks for your prompt attention to our order for the Athyecoslate and ridges. The customer and architect are very pleased with the results and everyone who passed the site is impressed. My roofing contractor also commented that the slates were easy to fix so all in all everyone is happy.

Best Regards Dave Bostock

Hi John,

This is just a quick reply regarding the use of Athy ECO slates on our house in Rathmichael. Initially we chose your slates for practical reasons i.e. we had a low pitch roof at 22 degrees and need for an ultra lightweight slate. I have to say that the job was an unqualified success. The slates were laid by Joe Walsh's team from ferns in adverse weather conditions yet it was completed in less than a week to the very highest standard. The roof which is 66ft long looks stunning. It is virtually impossible to tell it from quarried slate. I would not hesitate to recommend the system to anyone looking for a realistically priced roof.

Kind Regards
Ted Morton


The slates are fantastic. What more can I say, easy to install, lightweight, indestructable, they make me smile whenever I nail another one in.

Chris Lenton (Installer)

I roofed 90 square metres with eco slate 2 winters ago. Since then we had 25 weeks with Gale Force wind, 9 weeks with Severe Gale and 7 with Storm Force. The weather station has recorded 71mph. The buildings with natural slate have had numerous repairs but there have been no problems at all with the Eco Slate. An excellent product and very helpful company. Bill Rawles. Aberdeenshire, Scotland.



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