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Homeowners want cost effective eco-friendly building products that look good, are high performance but with low lifetime maintenance. Builders are looking for lower cost, easy fit labour saving materials. We have developed AthyECOSlate, an impact resistant roof slate to satisfy both. The roof slates are manufactured in Ireland in our plant in Athy, Co.Kildare and we also custom make your ridge and hip slates for what ever angles you require.

Our roof slate has significant advantages over traditional roof tile materials such as ceramic, natural slate or fibre cement tiles. AthyECOSlate is much quicker and easier to install and it can be walked on without cracking. It's lighter weight so your roof design needs less supports and therefore you can be much more flexible when designing your dream house. It is durable, low cost and requires no maintenance as they will not crack, lift, break or warp. As they do not contain any natural minerals or asphalt/cement, they do not encourage the growth of algae and moss.  It is suitable for low pitch roofs from 18 degrees upwards.

Because of their constant exposure to the elements traditional roof slates and roof tiles are prone to colour fading, cracking and breakdown over the years. Have a look at many houses less than 5 years old that use cheap slates & tiles and you will already see a cracks, missing or lifting slates, significant deterioration in the colour, minerals coming to the surface, algae blooms & flaking. These problems are overcome by the use of UV stabilisers in an impact modified polymer resin ensuring they will outperform other types of roof slate or roof tile. By using AthyECOSlate you get the elegance and real natural slate look but without the associated problems as you will never have to worry about cracked or broken slates again.

   Key Properties ( Independently Tested )

·         Unbreakable ( Impact Strength - at ambient temp 5.6KJ/m2, at sub zero temp 3.0KJ/m2 )

·         Light Weight - giving more flexibility in your roof/attic design as less timber supports are required. Weight 12.60 kg/m2 compared to 51.00 kg/m2 for tiles, 40.00 kg/m2 for high quality natural slates & 21.20 kg/m2 for fibre cement slate.

·         Resistance to UV ( Ultra Violet Rays) for colour fastness ( max 5-15% fade over 20 years - BRE UV Tested over 5000 hours)

·         Resistance to High Temperature ( Melt Temp 164.4C )

·         Fire Rated EXT.S.AC when tested in accordance with BS476 Part3 2004 ( in conjunction with the use of Firefly Vulcan insulation material) BRE Certified

·         Improved BER rating - Excellent Heat Insulation ( Thermal Conductivity 0.3-0.4 W/m.K )

Other Features

  • High Water Resistance as it incorporates unique design features to prevent water damage under the slates at low roof pitches and is non porous.
  • Suitable for low pitch roofs from 18 degrees up.
  • Will Not Lift, Curl, Deform or Crack (imitations use softer cheaper plastics that can lift, require additional clips or battens to hold them down or have to be fixed to plyboard). AthyECOSlate uses standard battens fitted at 7 inch centres
  • Resistance to Aggressive Environments (currently undergoing independent testing for certification )
  • Fungus & Moss Resistant
  • High Frost Resistance ( as the material is non porous it does not suffer from freeze/thaw issues that causes damage to other slates/tiles.)
  • Excellent Noise Insulation
  • Three Different Patterns Enhances the Natural Look
  • Manufactured in Ireland - guaranteeing prompt service & delivery to Ireland, UK and Europe.

Eco Friendly

  • Environmentally Friendly Product - uses a specific recycled plastic as base material
  • No waste product, you use only what you need and everything else is recycled


  • We buy back all unused slates and offcuts for recycling at the price you paid so you only pay for exactly what you use.
  • No minimum order quantity and no requirement to order full pallets only.
  • Extremely easy and much quicker to fit than other products so installation costs are cheaper.
  • Comes with patterns already premixed
  • No grading/sorting is required on site prior to installation.
  • We will supply your starter slates precut at no additional cost.
  • We will make your ridge & hip slates at the angles you specify.


  • Colours :Black
  • Coverage 15 per Sq Yd or 18 per Sq Mt

NOTE if you are considering using AthyECOSlate, battens should be fitted at 7 inch centres for the easiest & quickest installation. We also recommend the use of stainless steel or copper nails.

AthyECOSlate utilises recycled plastic as its base material manufactured to our exact specification so that you are using an environmentally friendly product. We also buy back all unused slates and offcuts for reuse so that there is no waste material. By using AthyECOSlate you are saving a natural resource (natural slate) or saving on the use of environmentally unfriendly tiles such as cement.

The recycled plastic material we use in our manufacturing process goes through a rigourous specification and testing process to ensure that every batch we use is fully certified to conform with our specification.  Our quality system ensures that every slate produced can be traced back to its original batch and our manufacturing and sourcing processes ensures that each slate is consistent in terms of quality, thickness, weight, impact resistance and colour.

A high quality natural slate if installed professionally will last more than 100 years with proper ongoing maintenance and over its lifetime will outlast any man made product. The key however is buying a high quality slate and employing a specialist slate roofer who knows how to install natural slate properly. (See Natural Slate page ) Unfortunately the market is full with cheap low quality slates and poor roofers.   It is vitally important when using natural slate that it is installed professionally. A quality natural slate by its nature will also be heavy and this has implications for roof support beams and design limitations. It cannot be done right cheaply! Installation costs alone for a good slater will be at least double that for a standard roof tile. However if you can afford a good slate and you get it done professionally and maintain it regularly you will have a beautiful roof that will outlive you.

So where does AthyECOSlate fit in? The vast majority of houses are roofed with cheap slates or manmade slates and tiles. The biggest issue with these is that when fitting cracks often occur and if they are not noticed during fitting, the slates can leak or break later on, leading to continuous maintenance and repair problems, typically long after your builder is gone. A quick look at many new houses and estates will reveal significant colour deterioration, slate impurities and pyrates coming to the surface, cracked and broken tiles, degradation and poor installation in houses that are only built in the last 2-10 years. Have a look at our " Getting It Wrong  "  page  for a selection of photo's.  

The labour savings in installation of an AthyECOSlate roof  ( typically 30-40% quicker ) plus you only order exactly what you need along with its competitive pricing means you can get the natural authentic roof slate look at a much reduced cost. You can also save in your roof support costs and have greater flexibility in your design due to the lower weight you roof has to bear. You never have to worry in the future about cracking or replacing a slate. General house maintanance tasks can be carried out without worrying about damaging your roof. One customer in recent 70mph winds (Feb 08) had large sheets of plywood crash into his newly installed roof. The result - not one cracked or even out of place slate! Our slate is also suitable for low pitch roofs from 18 degrees upwards.

AthyECOSlate will not crack or break and so can be fitted much quicker than other types of roofing tiles and roof slates by any competent roofer

1. It can be walked on and installed without fear of splitting or cracking.

2. It is designed with pre marked guidelines for quick and simple installation.

3. It does not require any special cutting tools saving valuable time not having to get up and down roofs for cutting. 

4. To save you time, we will precut your starter slates if you give us the required quantity.

5. It does not require drilling for nail holes.

6. It does not have to be pre sorted/graded. Pallets come pre-mixed

7. Prepacked into handy 20 slate bundles and as they are lightweight they are easily carried.

9. You do not need to order extra to cover for damages in transit or installation.

10. When comparing roof slate prices remember that you only pay for exactly what you need ( other suppliers often insist on full pallets only, to the nearest 500-1000 usually) & we buy back your excess. You save money and save the environment at the same time.  

11. We custom make your ridge & hip tiles to the angles that you want.

We have several sites throughout the country that you can visit if you would like to see our slate. We guarantee you won't be able to tell the difference. Call us now for a fast & friendly service or if you would like us to forward a free sample. Send us in a copy of your house plans and we will work out an exact delivered price for you including all starter, hip and ridge slates. See out list of contractors for someone in your area who will give you a quote for installation.




Manufactured in Ireland by Leinster Pressings Ltd t/a AthyECOSlate.

Tel: 00353 59 8638451

Registered Office - Unit 8 Barrowford Industrial Estate, Monasterevin Road, Athy, Co. Kildare

Company Registered Number 225204 Registered on 24/11/1994

VAT Registered Number IE8225204P

Directors John Harkin, Shane Harkin FCCA


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